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  • Quote from DER: “Don't remember a brand but I've got a……09b30b16961f6454dd14144b8pic ” I plan to add that soon to prevent it from being taken out of gear but was told that it will not work with the stock ebrake handle. Did you change yours out @der?

  • @Slingrazor has asked about a single rack to fit his Sling sans fin. My discussion with my fabricator (nephew Shawn) indicated that this is a possibility and we will explore it after I finish up a couple of current projects. This concept could also be adapted to work above the fin by altering the mount. Any golfers out there might be interested in this as well. It would not work with most of the existing tops except the MeanSling Sport Top since most tops extend behind the roll hoops. The more p…

  • I just installed the Digital Guard Dawg keyless ignition system without the $70 harness that allows you to still use the key. This system disables the ignition and fuel circuit when the fob is not present. I was concerned the key harness would override this security feature (not confirmed with DGD). I chose not to go with a full blown security system since I do not want false alarms and alarms every time someone gets close to it. To complete my security I will change out the e-brake lever which …

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “I have a mod related question. Every new mod seems to come with at least one sticker advertising the company who made the mod or the dealer I bought the mod from So what I would like to know is what do you do with all of the stickers that you have received with your mods? I stuck some of the smaller ones on my tool box, but now I have 2 large JRI stickers. I dont really want to chuck them, but they are too large for the tool box and a certainly dont want them on the Slin…


  • Quote from Bigdog: “Talked to an alignment guy that’s been doing them 30 + right front tire is down to the wearbars...the left still looks good....he’s going to check it sometime this week or next... My sway bar wasn’t the same measurement from side to side so I evened them up...measured my shocks and they are there same height. ”…09b30b16961f6454dd14144b8

  • Google does. Try that. Again.

  • Quote from Bigdog: “15...has over 9500.. All this talk about long do you expect the motor in these to last? ” Wow! You have the ability to turn every response into a question that no one has the answer to. Have you seen anyone posting that their engine died from mileage? Wait, I'll give you the answer: No. Have you asked even one question out of your several thousand that you haven't already Googled the answer to? Wait, I'll give you the answer: No. Seriously brother, just go driv…

  • Quote from Bigdog: “I throw cough drop wrappers on the passenger side floor... ” Really??? Why???

  • Quote from Ross: “Quote from rabtech: “My daughter brought her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brown labrador retriever home for college summer break. I can honestly say that I like the dog.…09b30b16961f6454dd14144b8 ” I feel like if I read this thread I may be forced to testify in a trial as to the whereabouts of a missing boy....but not a labrador ” There is no boy in that pic. Just sayin'

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from EjFord: “Quote from KayTwo: “So.... I might need to invest in a trailer... ” Trailers are for the 'Dam Yankees' heading south in January.... ” Or the misplaced Damn Yankees headed back North, freighted down with everyone *else's* shit... ” I do believe I offered to be another mule and you said 'I got this'. I'm sure glad that neither of my two friends had anything to send north. It might take you a couple days to clear the border - you might want to leave early!

  • Officially a transplant!

    SlingLow - - Texas


    Nope! Nobody's having any fun here. Is that really a beer belt trying to become a beer belly? Lookin' good my friend (I couldn't find a jealous smiley so ).

  • Quote from lew88_88: “Quote from SlingLow: “I am heading to Sundre for the 2018 Slingfest and plan on bringing some of my rear protection plates to sell - and one for the raffle. If anyone is interested, send me a message and it will help to ensure I bring enough of each color. Especially you Canadian friends who can save on shipping and import duties. I can also bring luggage racks for anyone interested but won't really have room unless they are spoken for ahead of time. Looking forward to meet…

  • A sling monkey?

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Ross: “Quote from Aceman: “Stock decals are fine. But custom ones? Getting it off will be difficult. ” not at………09b30b16961f6454dd14144b8 ” @Aceman, I'll let you know, since I'm planning on peeling off @'Ross''s hood sticker while we're in Canada, and blaming it on the Mounties. Or @exharleyrider. Whichever. ” Thank God you…

  • Good morning

    SlingLow - - New England


    Quote from MyShot16: “I think I figured this out………09b30b16961f6454dd14144b8 ” Lookin' good! What part of the world are you in? If you add your hometown to your profile you are likely to meet up with some local owners for fun and foolishness.

  • Good morning

    SlingLow - - New England


    Hit reply to post, then at the bottom of the box hit the button for attachments, then hit the button that says upload. This will allow you to browse for the photo you want. Once selected there will be buttons to load it as a thumbnail or full image. Welcome to The Show @MyShot16!

  • Sway Bar

    SlingLow - - Alpha Powersport


    I'm following this thread bigtime. My strategy with my CJ5's has been drive it 'til you roll it. That way you know your margin of no return. I really don't want to employ this strategy on the Sling. But I am pushing harder and harder into the corners. I can feel the benefit of a stiffer swaybar. And maybe running with the traction control off. Rock and Roll brothers and sisters!

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “I am sure I will find more functional mods to make, but one that has no function other than to make me happy would be to get 1 or 2 flag mounts and flags to go with them. The ones they sell look nice, but I will probably end up making something ” Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from edwardaneal: “okay so for now this is my wish list - the first priorities being the DDM sway bar and the DDM short shifter i-xzHtNLv-L.png ” okay so for now this is my wish list - the first prior…

  • @STYLN that is really stepping up! With all those donations you're going to have to charge @MiM at least double. Very impressive sir. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.