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  • Has anyone used the stock cat and muffler to attach a pipe and route to the rear or even just reposition the placement of the dumping of exhaust? I have done a pretty good job of getting rid of most of the heat on the passenger side. While on our 3800 mile round trip to Yellowstone, I found a glaring weakness in my efforts I had thought were taken care of. The speed limit in some areas west of me have a speed limit of 80 mph. I usually drive 7mph to 9mph, indicated, over that limit and seem to h…

  • @Ghost, interesting you say the canister was concave than earlier filters you used in the Super Tech line. That is why I stopped using the Purolator Pure One oil filters. I too used those filters on my Goldwing, Hayabusa and 370z. But when they changed the desighn like you described I felt it would not seal as well on my motorcycles so I quit using them in anything I own. @ulflyer, at one time the K&N oil filter was very similar, if not the same filter, as the Mobil One oil filter. Not sure abou…

  • I was in Walmart recently picking up my oil and filter to change before my trip with my Wife to Yellowstone Park from Iowa. In another time I was loyal to the Super Tech oil filters from Walmart. Most certainly a quality product years ago. Then Walmart's in my area no longer carried them and I moved on to Purolator Pure One until Purolator changed their design. Then I started to use the Mobil 1 oil filters and that is what I have been using in my Slingshot and cars. Out of curiosity I started to…

  • @BKL, Thank you for the reply. I'm still not sure what is powered on the circuit for the hook-up under the seat. I had hoped I could just splice in to them and add another 10 amps per seat. But think I need to be cautious and do some research before I try that. I did add my own fuse block to power and protect everything I have added since I bought my Slingshot last fall. I added a 100 amp inline fuse with a 4ga. wire run to the front of the Sling. Fuse block has a 100 amp limit, also, with 12 ci…

  • Pressed for time, have not searched my question. How many amps is the accessory plug in the rear center console fused for? Also, the plugs under the seat that may have been put in for a future upgrade for heated many amps can it be used for, safely? Want to use heated gear in this position, temporarily until I have time for something better. Thanks for your help!

  • Quote from Red Rocker: “I like the vent, was it easy to bend and paint? Might be hard to match the midnight cherry but black or white would look good too. ” Yes, no problem bending it. Need to use pressure at front and back of vent to bend each one. Zero Decibel has directions also how to get it in position. I did it by hand. Still has plenty of strength after bending. They also sell fender vents too. Had my friend powder coat it for me so that part was very easy!!

  • @'pricejh61 here are the pictures I was able to get without removing the seat and floor pan. Like I said in my earlier post, a good portion of the heat was coming from under the speaker pod where the tubing meets. And I mean a lot of heat was coming from This is a thermal image I found that supports my finding. index.php Also the complete left side along the floor pan needs filled too. I also put an adhesive backed insulation on the bottom of the floor pan and secured it with spray on adhesive t…

  • @'pricejh61, I will get pictures for you tomorrow after I get home with my new tires and before I put them on. Wished I would have taken pictures of the complete install because a good portion of the success I had was because of the insulation I put between the frame tubing and body plastic that is under the floorboard.

  • My Wifes right leg from thigh down to her calf was getting so much heat from the exhaust, I was afraid she was going to blister from the heat. I have the stock exhaust. Dont think it was so much from the muffler but from the exhaust gasses getting dumped in front of her and coming up along the right side floor board opening between it and the frame tubing. My solution....and it work better than I expected, was use the foam tubing that insulates water pipes, put that along frame tubing, front to …

  • I understand that! Three cats are plenty for one home! We get strays and injured cats at our house frequently. It's like they know we will get help for them if they show up on our deck.

  • @Bigdog, looks like he chose you to be his Human. Bet he would be loving and loyal to you and your family if you have the room AND the lap to give him a loving home. They know and appreciate it beyond measure when you take them in and give them a home. Probably got dumped by his previous owner, poor guy. You can tell by the picture where he is looking at you that he already adores you!! That is kind of how I wound up with my little ginger kitty, named her Skitty. Slept on my deck for three years…

  • You gave Shadow a wonderful life and always did what was right for him. Speaks volumes for the type of good person you are. I am sorry for your loss.

  • Size and color is right. Just need Red lettering

  • I am in for a full zippered Black XL and a full zippered Black medium. Any personalization or just how i design it? Yeah, I'm ok with whatever you design. Looked at your stuff on your webpage, VERY nice!! Could you do RED whatever you do on the black jackets, please?

  • I am in for a full zippered Black XL and a full zippered Black medium.

  • @STYLN, No matter to me but maybe to others it may, do you have a guess on how much extra? Just a close estimate may work. Thanks! Oh yeah, In case it matters to you, I would be down for two zippered plus the "Robin Logo" we talked about in our PM.

  • Quote from STYLN: “OK folks please vote on the other thread if you prefer full zip or are ok with the quarter zip! Thanks ” I hate to be the one that needs my hand held, but which thread?

  • I was hoping for a full zipper too.

  • Hood Vent

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    Weather is finally starting to warm up here in Iowa, YAY!!! I am starting to mod my Slingshot I purchased last fall. One of the things I want to do is the fender vents to help with the fender flapping problem, plus I think they look good. I have already done @Mnirons' hood kit mod. That really took care of the fender problem. Anyway, while I was at Zero Decibel Motorsports web page to order the fender vents, I saw they are offering a Hood Vent made just for the Slingshot for $100 plus shipping. … is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.