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  • Sway Bar

    mniron - - Alpha Powersport


    Quote from FunCycle: “Does it compare to what is done on the Mustangs and the Camero's under the hood? ” Yes, there is a comparison, which doesn’t make me a believer. Mustangs and Camaro’s are not built on space frames such as the SlingShot. Mustangs and Camaro’s have outboard rear wheels which will cause the body to twist where as the SlingShot has one centered wheel that the body pivots on. Not arguing, I have no facts to prove my thought process, just not convinced the frame is twisting in ha…

  • Sway Bar

    mniron - - Alpha Powersport


    Quote from Dave@DDMWorks: “ As for the RRR bar, we just had one show up that we are going to be testing, thanks to @TravAZ. We are interested in testing it to see what it was doing and how to improve it further. ” “We are interested in testing it to see what it was doing“ is the part I am most interested in since I am a non believer that it did anything. Never did it myself, not disputing any claims from anyone who has, just a non believer, @Dave@DDMWorks I trust will get some facts.

  • Quote from SlingLow: “Quote from rabtech: “Is this what you mean?…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” Well now that looks like a red and an orange. All of the bags in post 208 that aren't other colors look orange including 2 in a row that are identical. I'm guessing it's just me. ” Your arms are too short, have Sara hold the screen for you and take a couple of steps back!

  • Quote from ericastar76: “...and the slingshot said... let there be light! ...and there was light... and it was good!…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” Interesting, your headlights are drooping.

  • @Ross your lengthy post is just a small fraction of the time you take to put this altogether! I love your work, Thank you!

  • Start with a 3mm bit and then enlarge to the size that suits you. Lol

  • This is a fix for condensation in the signal lights in lieu of replacement. Once you are out of warranty you most likely will not replace the signal lights unless needed to function. I had both of my signal lights replaced under warranty for this very reason only for the replacements to do the same thing a year or so later. While at Rallies I have seen many with the same problem. My OCD cannot allow moisture to collect behind the lens without doing something about it. My signal lights would get …

  • Quote from rabtech: “I haven't been goofing off. I lost internet here at the house for a while yesterday and I could not even get into Adobe Illustrator because it was trying to reach out to the server and verify I was the owner. Im not sure I like not actually owning my software. I pay 20 dollars a month for the Adobe Illustrator product but I am only renting it I guess . Here is the correct font..…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” I believe it is best that the artwork …

  • Quote from rabtech: “…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” I like the bottom one and how the three wheels play into the SlingShot Theme. (And the Angry Panda!)

  • Quote from rabtech: “@mniron is that logo one that you made? If so may I have permission to use it? And if you don't mind me using it can you send the vector file of it to One last thing.... have you ever had to reduce it down to a pocket size logo? I have 4" of width and 2.4" of height. And our of that I have to put the website name. So your logo is going to be 1.8" tall by 4" wide. The rest will be text. ” This is the image that I use on the shirt pocket, I have not done…

  • Quote from airoutlaw: “@rabtech Embroidery looks okay but... If you don't know the slingshot front end, you won't recognize it. Because of the little real estate the logo owns, don't know if something better could be done. I did like the flowing line outlines that @mniron offered/displays but don't know if that is available or would look better in a stitched embroidery.……0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” Here is an e…

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “only way I would do this would be to have them installed - I can do many things, but making holes in my Sling - - - ” Quote from ThomaSS: “Quote from edwardaneal: “only way I would do this would be to have them installed - I can do many things, but making holes in my Sling - - - ” I'm with ya, hate to have a oops moment with hole saw. ” Quote from Boomer: “Can’t go wrong with hood buttons. I must say the DIY guy can do the install. The instructions that PHIL has put toge…

  • Quote from Chain: “Quote from Goats_Hogs: “Best buttons out there for my money! Phil is a great guy! Got mine installed last year at Maggie Valley. I was amazed at the end result, and how much quieter the plastic was. Just wait until you are in a Sling without them after you've gotten used to yours! That and the short throw shifter are two mods I notice the most if driving an unmodified SS. On a stock one, the fenders look like the Flying Nun's hat, and the shift to 5th gear you can open the glo…

  • @Road warrior very nice write up and Thank you for the shout out!

  • Mississippi has been doing this since the SlingShot came out, no idea why anyone is concerned over it. Nothing new, I have seen their plates on SlingShots too.

  • Quote from KayTwo: “First time the hood's ever been off.... what is going on? Details at 11!…0941d0421c127f21bceacccc0 ” Rabtech detailing?

  • Quote from DER: “Quote from mniron: “Quote from DER: “Made a few different axle nut covers The question is witch one to use? ” #1 ” Would that be the left? ” Quote from dangerdarrell: “I agree. I think they are in my preference order from left to right. ” Correct on both accounts!

  • Quote from DER: “Made a few different axle nut covers The question is witch one to use? ” #1

  • SlingShot Weight Reduction Plan?

  • Quote from Chain: “I seen these at some meet in pictures. I think it looks cool. I tried to find them on all the aftermarket sites and figured that they must be custom made. ”…ks-4-pak-hood-vent-insert is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.