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  • Good morning

    Ghost - - New England


    Welcome to the club! You have no idea what you have stumbled in to!

  • Happy Birthday Bones!

  • Best bang for the buck???????????????????????? It has to be the "whistle stops" that I installed to stop the whistling caused by the high pressure air coming off the top outside corners of my nascar windscreen hitting the V notch in the bottom of the slingshade top. They were free and brought the pleasure of the ride back. Most enjoyable mod is the supercharger without a doubt. I personally wouldn't have much interest in owning a SS without a serious hp mod of some type whether it be forced indu…

  • ZZPerformance Turbo Kit!!!!!

    Ghost - - ZZ Performance


    Quote from MiM: “So waste gate is to turbocharger what pulley is to supercharger? ” Kinda sorta but not really. A waste gate is like the blow off/safety valve on your air compressor. It will limit the maximum psi that the system can see at any rpm but does nothing to control psi at a given rpm. With a supercharger it cannot seem maximum boost at a low rpm because the engine is not turning the pulley at it's maximum. That's not the case with the turbo.

  • Quote from MISC: “Quote from SlingLow: “Quote from ericastar76: “Quote from MiM: “So... The used Marco horn @ericastar76? Asking for a friend... ” Already sold! LOL ~> @KayTwo beat you to the punch and asked earlier.But since I’m not going to use the trumpets all the time (it’ll be button actuated from the center console), I bought another Marco horn that’s slimmer and taller than the original one I had. ” So your going to have a horn AND a triple horn. Gotta say it - you're seriously horny!Quot…

  • Form vs Function

    Ghost - - Slingshot General Discussion


    1. Comfort 2. Speed 3. Looks I'm comfortable going fast and want to look good while I'm doing it! LOL

  • Glad to see all of you out enjoying yourselves!

  • While we are on the subject of headlights I put in some new outside light bulbs tonight. They have a fan built onto the back of them. If I put the rubber boot back on the fixture that came off the fan will not be able to move any air at all. If I leave the boot off I believe the front tire will fill the little fan full of dirt. What has everyone else done?

  • Maybe, but then again she may just be getting really hooked on it and by the time you get ready to go out again she may be sitting in it waiting on you.

  • Quote from FunCycle: “Could we do that to Bobby and see how fast he could move? ” I don't want to be in reaching distance when it happens!

  • It has to be a labor of love. If not then I'd throw it all in the trash and burn it before I was done. Glad there are those out there that can deal with it! As @FunCycle said THANK YOU!

  • Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Happy Birthday Dear @Jdin Happy Birthday ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ah hell you get the idea! Hope you have a great day!

  • Glad to see that you guys took it easy and didn't try to ride too much. Gotta keep it fun for the ladies!

  • Quote from FunCycle: “If the cover does nothing else it keeps people out of your SS while parked at the motels ” Everyone but the spiders! I went out one morning while in MV and took the cover off the SS and took it back in the motel room to hang in the shower to dry. When I went to hang it up there was a spider the size of TEXAS fell out on the floor. Good thing @Ghost Ryder was there to stomp it for me! I hate those things.

  • Quote from rabtech: “If you like that... Check this out... I changed the little panda. I had to poke him a bit,,,,, but i finally made him mad...…d609e0b6cf46a3315edc22560 ” Alright that's it! Quit while you have it perfect and get me some shirts on the way!!!!

  • Quote from rabtech: “…d609e0b6cf46a3315edc22560…d609e0b6cf46a3315edc22560 ” That's bad ass! I like it. Can you go ahead and do some in the high visibility green/yellow whatever color the "lime squeeze" is? I'll take two large and two medium today! LOL

  • Something wicked this way comes!

    Ghost - - MeanSling


    Quote from Ruptured Duck: “@MrGrey there is no room between the seats and hoops when you factor in the different driving positions and driver heights. @Ghost I really hate that Photoshopped top image because it just cannot be made as mass produced top. One that can just be attached to the SS. All manner of changes would be needed mainly new hoops. From a liability standpoint I'm not touching that. Another variable is the room allowed behind the hoops. To get a top to fold in the manner some of y…

  • Would it need to be a "flow through" design so that it doesn't catch too much wind? Would it be attached at the front in some way? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  • Something wicked this way comes!

    Ghost - - MeanSling


    Quote from Slingrazor: “Hey, I might know of a couple slings without a fin. Just saying! ” I'm sure those slings would make a great test mules for the first two prototypes that come out of the factory.

  • Something wicked this way comes!

    Ghost - - MeanSling


    Quote from MrGrey: “Quote from Ghost: “Quote from Ruptured Duck: “Again for a full convertible top there are a lot of frame movement and fabric that has to happen. All this clearing the hoops and believe not or not the most problematic issue the rear fin. Also who would want to have a fixed front w/s frame to accommodate a latcing release system. More explanations to follow. ” I would welcome a fixed front windscreen frame to accommodate a latching system as long as it was designed at the same a… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.