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  • The top can be made. I have learned a great deal about air flow with the Sport Top that a lot of design ideas would need to look closer into before committing to that design. It's the easiest to remove and not use (want a top at all) but people still want more and I understand. I am just very picky about the look both up and down.

  • @MrGrey there is no room between the seats and hoops when you factor in the different driving positions and driver heights. @Ghost I really hate that Photoshopped top image because it just cannot be made as a mass produced top. One that can just be attached to the SS. All manner of changes would be needed mainly new hoops. From a liability standpoint I'm not touching that. Another variable is the room allowed behind the hoops. To get a top to fold in the manner some of you are wanting would take…

  • Again for a full convertible top there are a lot of frame movement and fabric that has to happen. All this clearing the hoops and believe not or not the most problematic issue the rear fin. Also who would want to have a fixed front w/s frame to accommodate a latcing release system. More explanations to follow.

  • Quote from Ghost: “Quote from MrGrey: “Quote from MiM: “Quote from MrGrey: “we need AC and heater unit in the SS too! ” Talk to @oneshot... ” oh wow, i didn’t know someone already made it possible!!!how about a soft convertible top that can be installed permanently to the SS, and i can retract if i need to use it or not like the one in baby stroller!…b3cc01f361fa0235ce796eabd ” I posted the plans for one right down to the mounting rails and everything and couldn't …

  • Quote from airoutlaw: “From what I have read, questions would be a stupid thing to put forward... So, I will just follow. From the illustrations... Looks like bent tubing... No patents there. Larry, Moe, and Curly have been doing that forever. ” you are correct regarding how to patent a folding soft top. You have to find a way to protect the idea within the options available with the USPO.

  • The problem is that when you think you have a good solution to a problem you realize it can always be improved. The question becomes is it really an improvement or something new all together? My design process basically is to take all the ideas and capture them in notes and sketches. I can usually workout how things will work or move before ever going to a proof of concept. In the case of this image it's an early rendering that looks at what is currently used, what can stay (keep cost down) and …

  • Quote from Boomer: “Do we win something if we guess right. I might have a good idea. ” Yes, you win the "I'm smarter than you guys" award.... I will keep it going with bits and pcs here and there. The point where I get notice that the provisional patent has been received by the USPO and I'm allowed to state Patent Pending I will disclose the full scope of the design. Remember we are talking about the US govermant so if there is a delay I'm blaming them...

  • Quote from Dochatley: “I’m feeling like a new trailer hitch. Sent from my iPhone using Polaris Slingshot Info ” nope... Sorry didn't even think of that when I used the phrase. I'll try to give some visual aids over the next few weeks. May be asking for feedback as we have done on other products. I just thought this might be fun but it sounds like maybe it was a bad idea. Getting some bad vibes from the crew here.…b3cc01f361fa0235ce796eabd

  • Keep an eye on this thread over the next month or so. We are working on something new but it will take a little time. I also have to get the patent application in and approved so that I can let you guys in on the work being done. I might drop a few teasers in and who knows. It could be seen out on the road so keep an eye peeled.

  • Yes another backorder status update but that's a good thing in a way. It means the product must be good and liked. We will have a full inventory during the week of the 23rd and shipping out all backorders and able to ship any new order the next day the order is placed. Standard shipping time is 2-3days in the lower 48 states.

  • We are currently in a back order status and will he shipping in about 2 weeks.... Sorry for any inconveniences. Believe me I would rather be shipping...

  • We are currently out of stock but will be replenishing inventory soon. I like to take moments in a products life to improve based off feedback and real world use. Something no amount of testing can replicate on one single SlingShot. You need product out and in sure during the first production cycle to see what you may have missed or didn't anticipate from a consumers use. Details to flow soon. Unfortunately there will be a cost increase but we will still have the best mats at the best price.

  • Quote from penrose: “Just an FYI F1 racing is now on ESPN2. They race just about every other weekend. This week was at Silverstone. The dude at pole went from 1st to last in less than 8 seconds. ” @penrose F1 is ok but it too has issues. As you noted the fastest car and a good driver can move up fast through the field but otherwise can get rather dull. The biggest complaint I have with F1 are the tracks themselves. They have tried to make everything so safe that the tracks have HUGE runoffs at a…

  • @Bill Martin.... Get even better my friend... Besides the carbon fiber and flames maybe we can add an air ride suspension to that bad boy... Who doesn't want to be a little taller from time to time.

  • I have seen differences in the mirror head attachment. Some easy to move others stiff as hell. Doing top installs you end up playing with quite a few. I believe any vibration for all models might stem from the way the mirror body is designed and attaches to the aluminum arms. We are talking about maybe 1/8" thick plastic attached with M6 bolts (some Phillips, some torx) with maybe 1/2" washers to spread the load. These bolts are about 1.5" appart (if memory serves). There is gonna be flexing and…

  • Quote from rabtech: “The passenger side never had been an issue. @Slingrazor do you remember when I told @Ruptured Duck how to take the mirror apart on the inside by moving the mirror around and using a torx years ago and also warned him about the mirror being double sided taped on... and how that worked out for him.... That was a long time ago........ wow the memories..... ” good thing it was a spare mirror. I had to do a few prototypes for my relocation brackets to reduce vibration.

  • We are in a reorder point and I'm taking a moment to update some aspects as a rolling improvement to the product. We will be back I'm stock soon. Very sorry for the delay but it will be worth it. Unfortunately there may have to be a slight price adjustment.

  • Welcome to Rev Dynamics

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    Great group .... Welcome.

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    "Mitchin"..... The constant complaining of having to spend money on cool shit. @Andy Hatch just coined a new catch phrase for all you boys and girls. Maybe I can start having "Mitchin" sales.

  • Little late... Spent the evening setting all this up for the neighborhood display. A remote system is the way to go. We had about a 45 minute display this year.…b3cc01f361fa0235ce796eabd is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.