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  • Quote from HeRSling: “@Ross awesome pics. I like the bridal falls pic. were you thinking of Flash dance? ” Thinking of? No, I reenacted it perfectly thanks to the beatboxing from EJ and Karianne. Some have even argued that my interpretive dance was the best they had seen and that the brief nudity was tastefully done First when there's nothing But a slow glowing dream That your fear seems to hide Deep inside your mind

  • Quote from SSREAPER: “Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from MWSlingshot: “Update, no parts no sling!!!!! ” Do they have a plan? ” I just dont get it...we are going into what now 4 years with these can there never be any parts available?!? I could understand when they first came out but over these 4 years all machines share 95% of the same parts except for the body and trim. There should be parts everywhere by now!! SSreaper ” I believe dealers are reluctant to purchase parts and store them…

  • Quote from dangerdarrell: “Hey @Ross, I was riding in a group when my horn kept sounding and it’s a loud, aftermarket horn. Seems water from all the rain the night before had gotten into the horn button. We were going through a long bunch of twisties and several SS riders thought I was trying to get them to pull over. Really embarrassing. ” must resist inner @Tripod voice LOL

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “@Ross Loved the tunnels.....honk honk! ” hope all your wishes came true sir ..... lord knows you were on that horn LOL

  •…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197 In real time that pickup truck is staring at the slingshots and not realizing that the car in front of him is turning…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197 so he barrels into the back end just as @av8ingtom passes by…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af8…





  • forgot about these photos from the Garmin Virb…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197…47af88f81a4aec467a994f197

  • Radio wiring

    Ross - - Polaris Slingshot Tech Center


    welcome aboard @Mayor1958 - looking forward to photos of your ride and adventures


    Ross - - Polaris Slingshot Tech Center


    Quote from Ghost: “I've heard it mentioned here before about getting Polaris to update the ECM for the current tire size. I'm sure there will be someone along shortly that will have solid information. ” ditto but I think it might be limited to the SL tire size as a maximum

  • Bill & Angie & Phil will be in our thoughts and prayers until everyone can muscle through this - as always if you folks need anything you just need to holler

  • Quote from SoCal: “Honey I’ll be back in about two hours, just running out to get some sausage ! ” almost .... honey you're going to have hot sausage for two hours -- she might have misunderstood me this morning

  • quick run for some special hot links ... not sure if they'll last until @KayTwo gets here or if we'll decide on something different made with extra broccoli……47af88f81a4aec467a994f197

  • Quote from STYLN: “@Bill Martin Can yousend me your stock pulley? I have an idea and Ill send it back to you! That is if you havent put it back o yet! ” you and I have the same idea I'm sure ---- a chrome necklace with that big shiny pulley hanging around his neck .... bling bling .... you know he'll wear it everywhere

  • nice work @Road warrior

  • Quote from MiM: “Just saw it with my 3 year old... She said she wants to try that when she's bigger... I'd be okay in the cage, but in open air... Hell no... A gust of wind and I'd die of a heart attack.. ” need that wind to dry off your pants that you pissed when you looked down

  • Quote from studiopeg: “Thanks everyone.... the charger is on, 10 amps. I'm working on other things on the sling while I keep an eye on it. I had two after-market things put on in the same week - a digital air ride and after-market radio, amps,. and subwoofer. The installer of the radio swears there is no draw when the radio is off. So I'm not sure what is going on. It has an appointment next Thursday so I will ask them to check it out, see if they can find anything. ” Tough to tell but worth kee…

  • Quote from hwy64auto: “Just bought this 2015 SS w/ 7500 miles on it . Here's some pics would love for everyone to give me input on what else to do as far as performance and lighting. ” best advice I can give is to scroll through the gallery ( and find things YOU like and that fit where YOU want to take YOUR Slingshot - don't let us build it for you because we won't pay for it LOL .... we can help with reviews and installation and things to consider but make it yours an… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.