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  • Quote from Frank the Tank: “Trent, Storm, & @FunCycle really enjoyed the video. It was masterfully done. Enjoyed watching you play in the twisties. What roads did you run? Recognized a few spots. Gravel, trash, and even tree limbs in the road, welcome to Western NC . ” That is Wayah Road, a great road if you have not been on it. You get on it off of 28 just past the kayak place. The other end is Franklin

  • Quote from MiM: “Great video! Now... I did see brake lights... ” There was a lot of graval and trash on the road from the rain that week and whole sections of the road had been flooded. Where you see dust in the video that area had been flooded. There was no way to run 100%, had to be careful. That was why I ended up on the wrong side of the road at the end of the video. We should not have even been running as fast as we were.

  • Packing up to leave out early in the morning for Little Switzerland, 7 hour ride to get there.

  • Hahn SST TurboSystem Group Buy

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    Quote from MACAWS: “Quote from Soluga: “Quote from ethermion: “Quote from Soluga: “@Cobra66man Here are pictures of what i have received. (Sorry got some dogs in them as they tend to follow me around alot). What i believe i'm missing: 4. Spark plugs. (Based on seeing Cobre66man's pictures - thank you! 6. An oxygen sensor? ” So, you need pics from the forum to ID a spark plug? An O2 sensor? Really?And, your feet look like dog feet. Good luck with your install. Don't forget to share pics of your l…

  • Home made vent system for me with no electricity, as long as I am moving I am getting air to the foot well on both sides. I think this is the fourth that I have built, the first and the second were not worth the effort. The last two have worked great.

  • Quote from funinthesun: “Thanks BKL, but I need one that fits with a Fab Factory roof ” The RAIN-X cover works great (MED) The stock cockpit cover will also work with the top. Just install over the top and use bungie cords to help hold down

  • Never really had a problem after I removed the cat, and plugged the holes in the firewall on my 2015

  • Quote from SSREAPER: “Put the link on the inside of the bar and not on the it does not make a difference. SSREAPER ” It may hit the A-Arm if installed in the wrong place with no stops installed on the sway bar

  • Quote from MACAWS: “Quote from FunCycle: “The New Riken Raptors are on the SS. We will see how they do this weekend in the Little Switzerland area, I already have three loops mapped out to ride. ” Keep me posted I am down to my last BFG spare and may switch based on your evaluation! ” I think these tires have been discontinued also. Need to find something that they are still making. I still have that new set of Kenda's also.

  • The New Riken Raptors are on the SS. We will see how they do this weekend in the Little Switzerland area, I already have three loops mapped out to ride.

  • Quote from MWSlingshot: “HEY< @rabtech, Next time you feel the need to burn up a couple of tires how about doing it on my street, it really need resurfacing. ” I just took a couple of rear tires to the dump, they were almost down to the wear bars. Also the front BFG Comp 2's.

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “Quote from ericastar76: “Can't remember who asked me about the mounts I used for my MARCO horn after I relocated to the frame tube? In any event, here's the link: Lightronic 2pcs 38MM 1.5'' Roll Bar Clamp Rotatable led Tube Clamp Light Bar Brackets…04eda17d25d19e9aa7ee8e383 ” very clean install ” It fits perfect on the drivers side which is about the same location as the stock location on the pass. side and the hole is already there.

  • Tires and rims already loaded up for the new rubber (Riken Raptor) install in the morning. I do not like letting anyone mounting the wheels and tires on my SS.

  • horn connecter

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    Mine had the plug on the wire that plugged into the factory horn.

  • Sunshine and 94, we have been riding all day. Can not wait for Thurs. to get here.

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “Quote from Andy Hatch: “Everybody should carry a paperback book size lithium jump start/charger in their sling. ” got one of these just last week to carry in the sling DBPower 600 amp portable jumpstart battery As to the jump start posts I am not yet convinced they are worth the investment. My slingshot is my daily driver so there is no chance that the battery will go dead from sitting. I also dont have any stereo add ons or lights and I dont run things when the motor is…

  • Quote from funinthesun: “I'm sorry guys, but you have to watch this and not skip over any of it. Maxine Waters has got to be the worst person in politics. Watch her in action. The best part has to be when asked about Trump firing of James Comey. She says he's wrong and and he's obstructed justice and needs to be impeached for that alone. Then when she's asked if Hillary had won the election, should she have fired Comey and her answer was a definitive YES. WTF? And they allow her to vote on anyth…

  • Quote from Mike in Victoria BC: “Quote from FunCycle: “Mine locked up last year and put me in a ditch on a long sweeper. ” I wonder if it was the rack locking up or maybe just the electric power steering assist failed? The steering feels pretty close to locked up when there's no power assist. ” All I can tell you after the accident they would not turn at all. After Polaris notified the dealer the steering would work

  • Quote from Ghost: “Quote from FunCycle: “Mine locked up last year and put me in a ditch on a long sweeper. The right wheel dug in and I did a 180 in the air, luckly I did not get hurt or do too much damage to the SS. Only about 5,000 to replace the parts. ” That sux! Was the R&P still locked up after the fact? Did you confront Polaris about it? In assessing the aftermath did you learn anything that may keep it from happening again? Inquiring minds want to know? ” I did contact Polaris but nothin…

  • Quote from MACAWS: “No flip phone cases? ” Can we do that with a FLIP PHONE? is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.