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  • Quote from rabtech: “I can cut you a piece and send it to yall. Message me your address. I got ya covered ” I tried. Says you're in too many conversations and cannot be added. LOL. Clean out your mail!

  • Man, I was thinking, "Well, this is new, dinosaur porn, and it's not even @Tripod!" What a let-down.

  • Quote from pricejh61: “Nancy loves the SS. Much more than any of the two wheelers we have ever owned. She can see where we are going and we can communicate much easier. ” I'm very glad all that concern about missing the Goldwing turned out to be rubbish.

  • Quote from SSREAPER: “Well only 6 months and we will know for sure ” Right. Or two weeks.

  • @rabtech - do you sell single pieces of this kit for replacement, or do you recommend replacing the whole thing? All the other pieces are still adhering strongly, I don't know if I want to wrassle with them. Also, gonna need a new forum sticker.…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4

  • Quote from Ghost: “Having half the folks you been talking with for the last several months and looking forward to meeting have to cancel out of the event!!!!! We really was looking forward to meeting all of you and we really do hate that it's not going to happen next week but rest assured we will get together one day! ” If you're talking about lunch, there's only been a couple solid cancellations, at least until the weather decisions on the day of.

  • Quote from kev: “Come to think about it I did get a running a red ticket near San Hose TEXAS one time , it was the first time I EVER SAW TRAFFIC LIGHTS MOUNTED HORIZONTALLY, so I said to the Deputy, well I thought it was like the shift light on my dash, get going at green , watch it at yellow, and shift into a higher gear when it turns red ! Didn't buy it and wasn't in the mood for any foreign humour either apparently. ” Probably should have tried talking to him in English instead of Scandahoovi…

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “Quote from mniron: “My first vent in March 2015, should I have a beaf with @Nemesis1701?…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4 ” Think your holes are more symetrical....lolWait patent violation....OH crap!…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4 ” @mniron 's mesh has the holes lined up horizontally....yours are vertical. Two different products. You're welcome.


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    Quote from Maverick5990: “Quote from Akfinest 1: “Looks like SLINGMODS are M.I.A... ” Do you think that maybe the fact that the rights to SSITS now belong to the same person that owns Slingshot Only might have something to do with that? ” So much wrong with that...

  • Quote from kev: “Quote from Mike in Victoria BC: “Off to impound for 7 days for excellent speeding... but they called it "excessive"? Just trying to be the best at what I do best. p.s. It's OK to "like" the post. Gotta laugh at life. And I'll get it back. ” What do yah think @mike in Victoria BC SHOULD WE WARN @KayTwo about our crazy Canuck laws here, before his upcoming Canadian trip or should we just keep it quiet and grin, hahah it would be kind of nice to see a pic of him sitting in a gas st…

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “Safe is always better Commander! ” Truth. Thanks for lookin' out, brother.

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Nemesis1701: “Nothing came apart so I guess Im ready for MV! ” That, sir, is beautiful. ” Thanks but are you safe ? Did you get to wherever you where going? ” Yes, and no. 84 miles short of home, not going to win against Mother Nature tonight, so got off the highway and parked it for the night.

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    KayTwo - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Check slingmods, they have a quick release wheel and hub option for you.

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “Nothing came apart so I guess Im ready for MV! ” That, sir, is beautiful.

  • Quote from MWSlingshot: “Quote from KayTwo: “@SlingLow, your luggage racks kick ass!…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4 ” Great for a drive in dinner at Dominos ” Drive in, shit. They delivered to me on the side of the road at an abandoned gas station

  • @SlingLow, your luggage racks kick ass!…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4

  • Quote from FunCycle: “I will bring the fender vent set-up that I made and ran for two summers to Maggie Valley. The collector box and the hose for both sides to dump air into the foot well. Let me know something if you would like to have. All it takes to install is 6 or 8 ty-raps. There is probably some pictures of this out there somewhere also. ” @FunCycle, do you still have the materials list and instructions posted on here somewhere? If so, I'll go look for them. I might want to try that this…

  • I like this idea, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna get out of hand real quick... Hey has anyone heard the rumor that an independent fabricator in Montana is working on a .50 cal mount to go between the roll hoops?

  • Quote from Slingrazor: “Quote from KayTwo: “A day late with this. Had a great dinner last night just south of Jacksonville with @AllIn5450 (Levy) and his wonderful wife Tina. Good to meet you both!…e5a819dd73f1329ede96783f4 ” Hey, I recognize the Windrestrictor. ” Yeah, thats what he said. Pretty cool.

  • Yeah, I am currently off the road undercover waiting for the weather radar to clear up a bit. Aside from the visibility going to hell and my glasses fogging up pretty badly, the deciding factor in that was a little wiggle in the rear end a couple of times and a couple of in a couple of standing puddles that weren't draining. No desire to be facing the wrong way in traffic. Completely understand folks not making the trip for Maggie, or any other event, but for those who are in Maggie for the week… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.