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  • @WingShot That is just incredible! Hope you bring it to Kerrville or Maggie so I can see it in person!

  • @kev Congratulations. I'll be glad to switch my mod purchases over to someone I've met in person, someone who owns a slingshot, and has a passion for working hard for this community. You and the rest of the business owners on this forum are what continues to make me fix an already perfect machine to match my own style.

  • One Sexy Rear End

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    It looks really good @Tim0341!

  • Quote from Slingrazor: “@Texas T Do you get to keep the badge for that just in case moment next time we go for a ride? You know I only went as fast as you pushed me. ” I get a retired badge, and @KayTwo you are correct as long as I comply with the requirements of LEOSA then yes, Federal Law preempts State Law for concealed carry. All this talk of retirement, let me just say this. I'm 50 years old, its a career change, I can still fit in another retirement somewhere, just not carrying a badge. Ri…

  • Damn Skippy, I'm excited to be going anywhere in the Slingshot!

  • Quote from ericastar76: “I for one, am not worried... I've seen many bills like this before die in committee UNLESS the injury insurance claim rate exceeds a certain dollar amount (blame insurance lobbyist for that one). Further, there is more pressing stuff going on politically, that I would be SHOCKED if this gets any tracktion. ” Hell, we've seen really good bills not get traction... LOL. Not worried either. @kev Good post also. We might know the intent of the filer, be able to read and inter…

  • I'm entering my third decade in law enforcement an my fifth decade as a human being. In my town, teachers are armed. I sat on the safety committee that made the recommendation to authorize this. It answers this question, and until there is another solution, it works. What happens between the time the first round is fired... and law enforcement arrives. Our average response time is 7.5 minutes, how many could die during that time? We see it not a solution to prevent, but to help mitigate loss of …

  • Cool Vent

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    Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from edwardaneal: “Quote from FunCycle: “I have a vent that really works, the people that have been to Maggie have seen. I do not believe there are any pictures though. ” Please take so pictures and post them ” You don't know me do you? I am not much on taking pictures and posting. ” does a flip phone even have a camera? Been years since I've seen one...

  • DFW

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    Yep, give us a message for advice on where to spend your money!

  • I prefer the wind in my face too. Still loving the Madstad windscreen.

  • Quote from Tripod: “@Ghost - how cool! You can hide your own Easter eggs! ” And Easter this year is on April Fools Day... I'm sending the kids out to hunt eggs I didn't hide.

  • K5WTT I have a travel kit with an elecraft 2 in it, but I don't seem to have time while in the Slingshot to set it up anywhere.

  • Cheers! Fantastic and all the other happy adjectives this morning! Great news! Congratulations @Slingshot Garage and @SundreSlingQueen!

  • Quote from ericastar76: “Quote from Ross: “I'm a big supporter of Project Tits Up - for now watching until the time is right to dive in or until Project Ass-In-The-Air gets legs ” Good to know... cause project “Ass-In-The-Air” is on it’s knees right now while I secure a few (quality) durability testers. It’s a BIG project... requiring a gang of folks to help make it work! ” Have Virb, will test. Let's get it in the air.

  • Continued prayers and warm Texas wishes.

  • Quote from Candyman: “Quote from LargeCar: “I built one on their website just for grins and giggles. I think I was better off giving 25k for my 2017 and spend another 7k (so far) on mods than to dish out 35k for the one I built on the website. I have heard to many bad things about their top to want one. LC ” It’s a matter of taste as is any mod. I love the Slingshade and so do the lookiloos. I haven’t had any issues except the cat falling through the “sunroof” when it walked on it. At first I wa…

  • So did I see a cruise ship on the ocean on that .pdf... I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Great News Bill. Keep on keeping on and we will see yall out and about soon!

  • @Slingrazor That is one eye catching machine! And for those that don't know... that sling is not "all show, no go". Pushing the limits both visually and mechanically. Thanks Trent for sharing it with us.

  • Sending prayers from Texas. Get well soon! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.