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  • Last weekend in Gainsville .... this sport takes more than one ball .... .............. .

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Quote from Orangeman: “Quote from Bill Martin: “Is it this easy ” Yes, all you need is the Interwebs ........ ...... . ” I guess your right - for all my life I have been a proponent for free speech. That being said I never thought there would be a place where a madman could easily access readily available information to learn to build a sophisticated bomb. Clearly we as a society should have a conversation where our rights to free speech (via the Internet) stop and publi…

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Is it this easy ” Yes, all you need is the Interwebs ........ ...... .

  • Hidden gps unit

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    Quote from Bigdog: “I have an indoor fish pond the cats have taken to drinking from...I have outdoor fish ponds the cats are walking away from a water bowl I fill from my refrigerator and they go drink from the fish ponds. ” . WARNING about pets drinking fish water... | ......... .

  • Quote from BKL: “Quote from Neosolidus: “Current PITA: Not having a weatherproof sealed frame..... keeps me from driving until the salt and brine is washed off the streets. No but seriously other than a few headaches due to an assembler brain fart leaving shit loose or backwards when they put it together on a late friday night, I have the most reliable slingshot that has suffered NONE of the troubles y'all bitch about. #IProvablyJustJinxedMyself ” I haven't tried it, but I believe Eastwood offer…

  • . You don't have to send them to JRI to get re-built (and it will be years before that is needed, annually is usually only for competition use) They have authorized shops who can re-build them or you can find vendors that do almost nothing else at most major tracks ..... When (if) the time comes a quick call to JRI and they will give you the closest location .... With all the big wigs at JRI having come from the Penske engineering team I wouldn't be surprised if any shop that re-builds Penske sh…

  • Quote from MACAWS: “Top of Bell Mountain Hays NC - that is the Blue Ridge in the distance ” . I love FL but damn I miss living in the Appalachians ..... ....

  • Quote from SoCal: “Are the JRI shocks in this category? Are they SPECIFIC TO THE SS, ” Yes ...... they have been built, tuned, and tested specifically for the Slingshot ... they are not just generic off the shelf shocks with springs figured for the Slingshots weight as are the others ..... However all the aftermarket offerings have been shown to be better than stock .... ....... .

  • Quote from Cobra66man: “Not sure how to PM to be honest, I looked at obvious locations on the forum but..... ” .…d1425fd6427d56e0230ef1024 ..........

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Unless you are a highly technical driver, you would probably find that the QA-1s aremore than enough for your need. ” . As long as you never ride a SLingshot with JRI's .... huh @dangerdarrell..... .

  • Quote from SoCal: “OK here we go. I just stepped out from my cave and was thinking about a better ride and installing new shocks. Saw JRI shocks mentioned in a lot of places and decided to look them up. Am I the only one shocked by the shocks? $2500 for a pair? Seriously? Not including the rear shock? Maybe I have too much Scottish blood in me but good Lord! 3-4 K for shock set up ” Seems you are a bit confused ..... the best JRI's you can get for the Slingshot are $1899 for the full set of thre…

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  • Quote from MWSlingshot: “Is this a photo of @Bigdog ” . Nope ......…d1425fd6427d56e0230ef1024 ........ .

  • Florida Slingers

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    . I believe this was his intent : House Bill 215 (2018) - The Florida Senate PDF Brace yourself for higher registration rates, higher insurance, and more regulation ........ ... .

  • Never happen ..... Santa and the President are buds .....…d1425fd6427d56e0230ef1024 .......... (Hidden Content) .

  • Quote from mikeyapproved: “Lol, looks like intelligence disabled ... Another reason my project has 2 wheels on the rear... but ultimately it still comes back to the driver. If I'm not sideways, I'm not happy I've been upside down twice over the last 40 years. Once was caused by inattention on my part, once was not pre-running the course to check for unexpected dangers... read sink hole the size of cabin, just over a rise in the road. I absolutely hate ABS, Traction control and Stability control.…

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  • Quote from mikeyapproved: “Ahhhh all the electronic bs to make us safe hey Another reason why I am doing my project, all of the stuff listed below... ABS Stability control Traction control Will not done by artificial intelligence. It will all be done by the onboard computer, the one inside the helmet of the person driving ” . "artificial intelligence" disabled .... ......... .

  • . Curious if you would need to figure out a way to re-program the stability control since it uses a steering position sensor that is most likely calibrated to to the OEM ratio ..... I seem to remember this being the sticking point years ago with this same conversation ...... .... is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.