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  • That is one hell of a V8 Sling. How many miles is on it? Good luck with it! Be safe!

  • Quote from MiM: “I'm with you on that wing @Travis! Would love it... But price... And then need to get it painted... ” With that @Painter masterpiece you would have to get yours matched. I couldn't afford to get it painted. It would probably be ok black textured on mine.

  • Quote from ericastar76: “Agreed @Tech_Rick. The long production runs for F-series trucks have left the market completely saturated with stuff. Good for consumer prices no doubt... but, Ford (and most other mass produced vehicles) have already gotten you at the time of purchase (their margin is huge on the sale of a new vehicle). The aftermarket really has to fight to get noticed ~> and it's a fierce fight to get your money and make a profit! Quality is often the trade-off. Relating to the sling …

  • Quote from Tech_Rick: “I'm just about to pick up a 2002 Ford F350 Dually Lariat LE 4X4 with the 7.3 liter diesel engine. I went onto Amazon to look at a couple of accessories that I want to get for it and I was SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED, I tell you, at the prices. I had to double check to see if I was reading them correctly. After doing mods on the Slingshot, I suppose I just got used to the astronomically high prices of parts and accessories. The stuff I want for my F350 is dirt cheap by comparison. C…

  • Quote from mniron: “Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from StickerDick: “You may be right @FunCycle, I am testing the neoprene on mine, and I'll be glad to send you the rubber ones as well. I was just a little worried about them rotting away faster than the nylon / silicone ones, but as "Alpha" customers, you are my test "dummies".... so to speak, in a loving manner of course, and with the utmost respect! the size for the rubber washer/spacers is 3/3"x1.5"…a64c5f95533b3e…

  • Very good stuff! Keep it going. I put a star for positive/helpfull thread. Perhaps a quick install video will help too.

  • I voted the bottom choice. I see it is currently 50%

  • Quote from sideslinger: “A little more progress on “The Wall”…a64c5f95533b3ebe498212190 ” That is great looking. Wood makes things look well made. I had a Woodmizer portable saw mill for ten years. Did custom sawing on the weekends. I still have some nice Oak and Cherry I cut from my parents farm. Been doing woodworking since I was 12. Shit that was 40 years ago! It's always very satisfying accomplishing projects. Keep up the Awesome work!

  • Quote from mytoy: “I found this picture, just wondering if anybody knows who that is.…a64c5f95533b3ebe498212190 ” That is a good one!

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “I have had a revelation this morning. I have made derogatory remarks about the wonderful House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I think her vision for the Democratic Party is ground breaking. You ask why?? Just today she has solved the border/illegal immigration problem in one swoop saving the US billions of dollars by - wait for it......mowing the grass !! WHY didn’t the Republicans think of this?? As long as she is in power everytime she opens her mouth it is another nai…

  • Quote from Shatneyman: “Trust me,... in this state,... that would work. Everyone is so touchy feely and everything has to do with mental health. We had a cop get the crap kicked out of him and the defense said his client suffered from a mental heath issue. Who in their right mind would do this to a law enforcement officer ” I would take a guess and say the psycho little fuck who shot the kids 10 days ago in Florida Once he gets a little older.


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    Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from ethermion: “I am president of our HOA. If it was not for our HOA, I would not have access to a public road. Careful for what you wish. ” I have no doubt there are some good HOAs, that don't abuse power and don't operate a good ol' boy network and don't act all kinds of shady. I've yet to see one. My previous statement was not a wish, it was solely my opinion, and is not a judgment on anyone who likes their HOA or serves on their HOA. Just my $.02. When I retire and…

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Ok / got another question to throw out there - Deputy Scot Perterson’s lawyer made a statement today that Mr. Peterson was not a coward and he thought the shots were being fired OUTSIDE the school. I gotta say I think he is gonna have a real hard time selling that. If that was true then why did he retire immediately?? What y’all think??? ” Sounds like a legit question to me and yes Bovine Feces!

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Ok - Imma throw this out there. The Broward County Sheriff is getting heat to step down. I know we got LEO in this discussion so are the allegations founded and should he or is this just politics looking for a scapegoat? My first thought is how can a Sheriff know exactly how every one under his command will react under fire?? Love to hear from those that are more in the know. ” So I am replying to this quote Bill and did read down to the bottom of page 15. I'll keep read…

  • A sociopath is not a person just dealing with mental issues. They are what they are. It's seems to be a difficult task banning criminals. Been trying before firearms were invented I bet.

  • Quote from A-Team SS: “I was able to install my Masterpiece from @Painter yesterday. Thank you again for doing this. ” That has a great lightning look! Reminds me of Dr Victor Frankenstein. Another creator who harnessed lightning.

  • Quote from Painter: “On the other hand.... Michelle looks much better!!!…a64c5f95533b3ebe498212190 ” That is one better than real life portrait! If she looked that good I would have never said anything bad about her! Just kidding!!!!!

  • Quote from StickerDick: “Quote from Travis: “Quote from StickerDick: “Quote from Shatneyman: “Quote from StickerDick: “They most certainly can.... the issue is the cost, I plan on running 20 sets within the next two weeks. To run carbon fiber, I am guessing I'd have to run at least five sets to make it worth my fab shops time.... so it boils down to whether or not I can come up with five customers for CF set of fenders? I figure there's you, me.... so now we just need three ” Do you have a price…

  • One of a kind! Awesome Awesome work!! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.