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  • Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from EjFord: “Bill take it easy on Miss Angie.... Get well. ” She'll be fine. He's only a half a foot now. Wait, what were we talking about? ” I guess you could call him "Oil Can" or "Fosters". He might let that comment go to his Head.

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Slingrazor: “Quote from Bill Martin: “@Slingrazor Ya know my bride is the Facebook queen - all ya gotta do is tell me to drop the chain ” We would like to wait to tomorrow before we launch the queen. ” Trent, what else do you really expect to happen tonight at this hour? Is there really a chance of resolution between now and the morning? ” Our PD is going to serve through the PD up there.

  • NO, I think she has your cock and it is unloaded.

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “@Slingrazor Ya know my bride is the Facebook queen - all ya gotta do is tell me to drop the chain ” We would like to wait to tomorrow before we launch the queen.

  • Quote from ethermion: “Quote from Hernandeves5: “IF I get pulled over, that I have some kind of argument for the officer and wont get a ticket. However, I don't mind getting pulled over, it gives me a chance to show off the slingshot a little bit more lol. maybe even convince the officer to go buy one lol. ” Fairfax County police are more than familiar with Slingshots. I have been tagged (no tickets) twice for being an idiot and burning massive rubber. FFX County cops don't like that. I was also…

  • Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from Slingrazor: “This is my first post. Media will happen tomorrow if the service is not completed. ” All of Social Media I hope. News Media if possible ” Will start with the local Fox station who has a reporter that does specials at the school. This is my only social media. If someone wants to share it, please do. Quote from Bill Martin: “Way ta go Optics Planet - ya managed to make a bad situation worse !!! I won’t be buying anything from them ” Exactly what I am h…

  • Quote from Orangeman: “Quote from Slingrazor: “I agree with the need to protect identity. But why should it take a subpoena and a couple of days to be able to stop the delivery of a mid range site for an AR-15 from being delivered. ” Just for clarification .... Optics Planet does not sell weapons and Federal law would require it to be shipped to an FFL if they did. ... not direct to consumer ... They are an accessories company built on scopes and such .. hence the name ..... ..... . ” You are co…

  • This is my first post. Media will happen tomorrow if the service is not completed.

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Quote from Slingrazor: “ ” That really sucks but I kinda understand. With all the identity theft going on businesses are really skeptical of giving out any information out of the ordinary over the phone. If they are avoiding your PD’s calls - that is unacceptable. If your PD has secured a legal subpoena signed by a judge they should contact the PD in the jurisdiction where Optics Planets resides and serve it in person. Once the subpoena is served they have no choice but …

  • A good example of what is wrong, and how it can happen again unless we change the process. Last Friday evening my wife looked at our bank account to review the charges that have happened. She does this every two or three days to make sure an unknown charge has not gone through. I think she is just using that excuse to keep an eye on me. The following is what transpired. She discovered there was a charge for a almost $700.00 that was pending from a company called OPTICSPLANET that is located in I…

  • @Shatneyman Who would have guessed, a year ago, that you were creating a canvass to be painted. Keep rocking it.

  • Just wait for the war story Bill is going to tell. You see I was sitting down by the pond there, fishing and minding my own business. When, for no good reason at all, that there gator came up out of the water and decided he was hungry enough to eat my foot. You know they say the gator gets angry because he had a tooth ache.

  • Prayers for you and your wife. I can't imagine the pain you and your wife have been through. You have a blessed and strong family in this bunch of misfits that will be there for what ever your need. Please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from UK_Paul: “Last Friday I was admitted into hospital with an infection in my foot. Two operations later they reckon that they have probably, Just, stopped it reaching the bone (and so requiring foot amputation). It looks like I'm on the mend now but it will still take a few weeks work. ” I'll tell you, the rash of infections lately, blood, bone, what-have-you, plus surgeries, amputations, long recoveries....these guardian angels are working over…


  • @Bill Martin I figure the doctors have put you on a strict diet. Being the concerned brother I am, I thought about sneaking you in some donuts for whenever you are craving bite.…a8d063b7adeca07a2e9cc7284

  • Take a heat gun or hairdryer on hot. Heat up the letter then lift the edge with a finger nail and peal it off.

  • Quote from Zorasmiles: “Thanks for the quick response as always. Yes, I was speaking of the rear wind restrictor, as I like how it quiets the cabins on our Boxster. I have it on my list but the luggage racks may take priority considering I'll be losing some storage space soon. Okay everyone interested in "fast red" he's opening up the gate! GO!! Commit, commit, commit! LOL ” I would defitley ride in a sling with the windrestrictor. It doesn't really quiet the airflow, but instead forces it down …

  • Rear tire

    Slingrazor - - Slingshot General Discussion


    I am going to order the Mickey Thompson and the Nitto 555 G2 today. Both slings need tires. I will be running the MT on mine (320HP) and the NItto on the wife's (NA). For wheels, I am also ordering 6 American Racing 105 M Torque Thrusts in a 18 x 10 with 45 Back Space. Tax returns came in!!!! On the fronts I run Sumitoto HRZ II 275 40 18s. Both slings are flashed for the SL wheels.

  • Rear tire

    Slingrazor - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from SaltyClownNY: “Quote from Slingrazor: “Quote from SaltyClownNY: “Thoughts? I have the 255/30/20 on the rear. This is a 27"OD tire. Rear tire is 1" OD larger than front. I was thinking of taking the rear and moving it to the front, so two 255/30/20's on the front. My plan was to go with a smaller wheel on the back... say 18" and stick with the 1" larger OD mix, which would put the rear tire needed at 28"OD. Found this: Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tires 90000000237 - Free Shipping on … is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.