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Donations 81

Username Date Donation type Amount
av8ingtom PayPal 100.00 USD
adventure4me PayPal 25.00 USD
Guardian_Angel PayPal 25.00 USD
Candyman PayPal 50.00 USD
airoutlaw PayPal 25.00 USD
Ruptured Duck PayPal 20.00 USD
drkws PayPal 20.00 USD
DocG PayPal 100.00 USD
SA Sling Rider PayPal 50.00 USD
Wrenchmn PayPal 50.00 USD
BONES PayPal 20.00 USD
RuneRider PayPal 50.00 USD
NatomasSlingshot1 PayPal 20.00 USD
RichArlt PayPal 20.00 USD
Red PayPal 20.00 USD
kyslingshot PayPal 50.00 USD
C.G Topper PayPal 75.00 USD
Cobra PayPal 25.00 USD
RobRoy PayPal 25.00 USD
Slingrazor PayPal 25.00 USD is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.