Slingshot Booze & Blues 2018

Fri, Oct 5th 2018, 8:00am - Sun, Oct 7th 2018, 2:00pm

103 Second Ave. Clarksville Virginia 23927

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Participants 21 The users below confirmed their participation:
  • 123hotdog -

    Looking forward to it

  • A-Team SS -

  • adventure4me -

  • av8ingtom -

  • Bear -

    looking forward to another great event.

  • Bradshaw'sSS -

    Count us in if there is room cant waite to see everyone

  • Bu11sh1t -

  • Candyman -

    Can't wait!!!

  • DarkSquid -

    Whoooo Hoooo

  • ericastar76 -

    WHOOOOO HOOOOOO ~> Can’t wait!!

  • ethermion -

    Hell yeah.

  • Gadgeteer -

  • Ghost -

    It is our plan to be there with bells on!

  • Goats_Hogs -

    We have reservations. Looking forward to this!

  • Jdin -

    We can’t wait. We will be there Thursday- Monday

  • KayTwo -

  • lrobbi -

  • MACAWS -

  • mytoy -

    Looking forward to it again, thank you guys for setting this up again

  • roadog1aj -

    We're in. Looking forward to seeing ya'll

  • V-SHOT -

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Comments 8

  • 123hotdog -

    Counting the days

  • DarkSquid -

    We are in

  • Candyman -

    I'm in!

  • MACAWS -

    Great - can't wait to see you guys again

  • 2bagger -

    Looking forward to another great event, thanks Mitch! We will meet everyone at Brewer cycles on Friday.

  • lrobbi -

    I am looking forward to this event.

  • Ghost -

    @2bagger, @3rdwheel, @A-Team SS, @adventure4me, @Andy Hatch, @av8ingtom, @BatPower, @Ben67zl1, @Bill Martin, @Boomer, @Bradshaw'sSS, @Bubblehead, @Cameron Roberts, @Candyman, @DarkSquid, @Designer, @dharmab, @DocG, @EjFord, @Firefly, @FunCycle, @Gadgeteer, @Hernandeves5, @Hpocus, @hrmiracle, @jaytee, @Jdin, @John, @LaBaff, @Keithmo, @Lorge, @lrobbi, @MiM, @MrGrey, @N2Orbit, @Nemesis1701, @Onegear, @pwmd, @rabtech, @roadog1aj, @Rob the Slob, @Ross, @sideseatdriver, @sideslinger, @Sizzl, @Slej, @Sling, @Cat, @STYLN, @Tech_Rick, @TheBuiltmore, @TheRock, @Tripod, @Trucon01, @V-SHOT, @Webweaver1021, @WraithSS, @Wrenchmn

    Whatchu waitin on?

  • ethermion -

    In, 100%.

    To the undecided, don't miss this great opportunity to see ME.

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