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Members individual journey on making the Slingshot their own...

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  • Hey all!

    My name is Jeremy and I purchased my SS on 9/11/17. I have been interested in them since before the release but never actually got around to test driving one until a couple of weeks ago. Taking advantage of the rebates that are being offered on the 2017 Base I called every dealer who had a base for sale and one I got the lowest price I drove out of state to pick her up.

    I have had my fair share of motorcycles. sports cars, and ATV's. This is by far the most fun I have ever had in a vehicle. Even if you are not interested in purchasing one, you owe it to yourself to at least test drive. I've always used forums in the past so I naturally signed up here looking for information. While on here doing doing more reading then making posts I crossed paths with @Goats_Hogs . Brent answered any of my questions (lots of them) in complete detail, including pictures of specific modifications I was thinking about he already had. After many messages back and forth Brent made a very… [Read More]
  • The modifications continue to roll in from Slingmods and CycleSprings. They are arriving faster than the installation process ....

    Threw on some Assault Peddles

    About this time we hit the first maintenance check so off to the dealership. Mind you, I've been on the forum for several weeks by now and am starting to get an idea of the issues to expect from our new ride. Asking questions to the service team at the dealership is met without answers and all to often without a call back. So, it seems like we know more then they do so we update the service team on the Heat Management Kit that can be purchased to help reduce the cockpit heat in the 2016. After arguing for a few minutes they look it up on line and what do you know, there's a Heat Management Kit that you purchase - duh. Despite the writing on the wall we order one and make an appointment for them to install.

    Add the Pilota Series Steering Wheel

    (Photo from Slingmods)

    We love our Polaris even with all of the crazy… [Read More]
  • We, like some others, thought that we would keep the Slingshot stock for the most part. Looking back today, I'm not sure why we thought that - perhaps because we don't mod our daily drivers the way we have been mod'ing the Slingshot.

    Karianne and I live just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. A tiny little community of less than 3,000 - Belleville. A little community that might remind many of the place the grew up. Everyone knows EVERYONES business, no fast food, a greasy spoon diner - a place where many still don't lock their doors at night.

    For the most part Karianne and I have lived in Wisconsin the majority of our lives. Karianne works for the Dane County Sheriffs Department as a civilian in the County Jail - she done this for over 25 years. Me, I've worked in the insurance business for nearly 30 years .... nothing exciting, mainly group insurance for Wisconsin public schools and municipal employers We both find our jobs fulfilling (and certainly frustrating at times) when we… [Read More]
  • With the infection fully taking over our vision of the Slingshot we just had to spend mo money and get a few things ...

    We knew we were on the right track when coming out of a store we spotted a rainbow. We didn't realize that it was just pointing out to send the pot-o-gold to Slingmods!

    Our first mods were easy - added the Assault Media Console Sun Visor (although we found this to be far too small and later added the Cycle Springs / Slingshot Only sun visor.

    (Photo from Slingmods)

    In no time flat, we had added the Mo-Door In-dash Garage Door Opener with the double door option so we could open the winter storage unit as well.

    (Photo from Slingmods)

    The Aluminum Adjustable Mirror Riser Kit was a great addition for us so that we didn't have to slouch down in the seats to check for LEO.

    (Photo from Slingmods)

    Added in the Break Flasher for a little fun (I think I told Karianne that I bought it for the "safety factor" 8o )

    (Photo from Slingmods)

    We are from Wisconsin and… [Read More] is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.