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Members individual journey on making the Slingshot their own...

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  • Again, I am totally impressed with one of the community members products - Dieter Stueckle AKA @mytoy that I think it is worthy of a article

    I must admit that when I first saw the MYTOY covers, I really liked them but I thought they were a bit pricey. I really did not like the looks of the Twist Dynamics covers at all (they are really pricey). Then MYTOY came out with a package price for all 5 pieces he makes which made it tempting... then MYTOY had a 4th of July sale... SOLD

    So I got the Complete set of covers, double nut, cam adjuster bolt, and brake clutch at a discounted price of $160.00 instead full price less the 4th of July special. The parts came quickly and were packed with extreme care - Seriously, there was no way they were getting damaged in the mail which is nice to see. When I got them unpackaged, I was totally blown away with the quality - SUPER NICE PIECES - MYTOY even included an Allen wrench.

    Here is my before and after Pics

    Powder coating matches the roll bars,… [Read More]
  • I have to start out this post saying that I am totally impressed with Phil Ward AKA @mniron and his hood buttons

    At higher speeds the fenders if my Slingshot vibrated and moved which kind of freaked the wifie out a little. I was thinking about how to stabilize them without taking away from the lines or making it look funny. I came across Phil on FaceBook and Messaged him back and fourth - I called him and he was super helpful so I told him I would buy his gen 3 hood button kit when it became available (I like to spend my money with the little guys). He messaged me when he got his kit together and I sent him money (most places don't follow up so I was impressed with that)

    The kit came and it was Awesome - it had the right size hole saw, a punch and his special template - I did not get a pic of the 15 pages of instructions in color - It amazes me the companies that send instructions in black and white and you cant make out the pictures - it did not require any specialty tools (which… [Read More]
  • Noticed the factory hood pads had disappeared - so Naturally the SlingMods folks are happy to sell me some replacements

    They come in a kit but without the alcohol wipes that everything else comes with...

    Super simple to install - and it takes up the space the factory ones did

    Fairly inexpensive - looks great and I believe has some function [Read More]
  • Took the battery panel off and needed to do some work back there
    What a mess and really how would I ever get jumper cables in there

    bought a fuse block and some other parts to clean it up a little - Hate the color of the frame - custom red overspray

    Applied a little paint - basic black

    Cleaned up the wiring a bit - added an Anderson plug for the jumper posts

    Had to make a few wires - but got an 18 inch ground wire to replace the 8 inch factory one

    Put all the fuses in and Cleaned up the battery - do like the Optima red top battery

    Installed the battery -everything fit nicely - I like the the battery tray/hold down (it came with my sling)

    Installed the Anderson plug to the back cover - stainless hardware - added a USB charger too
    Why a USB charger you ask?
    While sitting next to my Sling in a lawn chair at a car show it will be nice to keep my phone charged plus it was only $16

    I think it turned out pretty cool - the USB charger has a voltage meter in it -

    I do want to… [Read More]
  • I got lucky when I bought my Slingshot...

    Ibought my Sling with about 4500 miles on it out of South Point, Ohio in May of2018. It is a 2016 1/2 Slingshot SL Limited Edition.

    The previous owner added:
    Battery Tender Connector w/Battery Tender
    F4 +3” Non Tinted Windshield
    Sparco 2” Four point seat belt, factory seatbelts are still installed
    Optima Redtop 800CA Battery Upgrade
    Alpha Transmission Dust Cover
    Assault D-Shape Steering Wheel w/NRG Steering Wheel Adapter
    Ram-Mount Rear View Mirror
    Alpha Cold Air Intake
    Alpha Red-Powder Coated Valve Cover
    Scorpio GPS-Alarms System
    Alpha Short Throw Shifter with PRP Shift Boot
    FZ-1 Fuse Block Upgrade up to 10amp draw per circuit
    Canadian Headlight upgrade with Halo lights
    Led Fog lights
    PRP Suspension Seats
    PRP Side Storage Bags
    Garmin Zumo 665LT GPS w/XM Radio
    DDM Works Windshield Brace
    USB Center Stack Charger
    Polaris Sling Shot luggage
    MadStad Extended Range Hood Hinge Kit
    Flosser Air Horn Kit

    I have all maintenance records and all recalls… [Read More]
  • Hey all!

    My name is Jeremy and I purchased my SS on 9/11/17. I have been interested in them since before the release but never actually got around to test driving one until a couple of weeks ago. Taking advantage of the rebates that are being offered on the 2017 Base I called every dealer who had a base for sale and one I got the lowest price I drove out of state to pick her up.

    I have had my fair share of motorcycles. sports cars, and ATV's. This is by far the most fun I have ever had in a vehicle. Even if you are not interested in purchasing one, you owe it to yourself to at least test drive. I've always used forums in the past so I naturally signed up here looking for information. While on here doing doing more reading then making posts I crossed paths with @Goats_Hogs . Brent answered any of my questions (lots of them) in complete detail, including pictures of specific modifications I was thinking about he already had. After many messages back and forth Brent made a very… [Read More] is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.